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10 best things to do in Marsala

In reality in Marsala you can do more than 10 things !! There is something for all tastes: families, couples, sportsmen, solo travelers, lovers of wine and good food, lovers of art and archeology.


In the westernmost point of continental Sicily rises Marsala, a city linked to the homonymous wine, to the landing of the Thousand and to the nearby Lagoon of the Stagnone which, with its salt pans and mills, is considered one of the most evocative scenarios of the whole island. In short, a place not to be missed and to be enjoyed ... even if you are teetotal!

What to do and see in Marsala

If you are a lover of archeology we recommend these places: 1. Church of S. Giovanni Battista al Boeo ; 2. St. Jerome ;

3. Capo Boeo ; 4. Motya ; 5. Paleochristian Necropolis ; 6. Hypogeum of Crispia Salvia .


If you are a lover of art, history and traditions, these muses are for you: 1. Mirabile Museum ; 2. Museum of the Flemish Tapestries ; 3. Baglio Anselmi Museum ; 4. Garibaldi Civic Museum ; 5. Whitaker Museum ; 6. Museo del Carmine .


If you are a lover of historical and religious architecture you cannot miss these churches and palaces: 1. San Pietro complex ;

2. Palazzo VII Aprile ; 3. Church of Purgatory ; 4. Mother Church ; 5. Sanctuary of the Madonna della Cava ; 6. Church of the Addolorata ;

7. Holy Father of the Perriere .


If you love outdoor activities and nature we recommend these activities: 1. Laguna dello Stagnone - Mozia ;

2. Kitesurf and Windsurf ; 3. Fishing Tourism; 4. A day at the beach .


If you are a lover of good food, wine and nightlife, visit these pages on our site:

1. Visit to the cellar and wine testing ; 2. Food and wine tour; 3. Clubs and bars.

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