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Cantine Marsala


Marsala, with 40 or more wineries in its vast territory, is the reference location for "wine lovers" from all over the world. Marsala boasts a large number of historic cellars and the highest production of DOC wines in all of Sicily.


For you who love wine and its history, you are spoiled for choice of wine cellars to visit. It will be possible to carry out various tastings with Sicilian gastronomic combinations in addition to visiting the production and aging plants.


The format is almost the same in all the wineries open to the public: it starts with a visit to the production sites where a guide will give you historical notes on the cellar and the method of wine production; you will be shown the barrel room (the space dedicated to the aging of wine); the visit to the cellar ends with the tasting of wines paired with typical local products of Sicilian gastronomy.


Movimento Turismo del Vino
Le Donne del Vino

Cantine Florio

+39 0923 781305

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Cantine Paolini

+39 0923 967042

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Curatolo Arini

+39 0923 989400

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Tenuta Gorghi Tondi

+39 0923 719741

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Cantine Birgi

+39 0923 966736

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Cantine Martinez

+39 0923 981050

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Cantine Pellegrino

+39 0923 719970

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Donna Fugata

+39 0923 724263

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Tenuta Maltese

+39 320 2932202

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Baglio Oro

+39 0923 967744

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Cantine Fina

+39 0923 733070

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Cantine Mothia

+39 0923 737295

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Marco De Bartoli

+39 0923 962093

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