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Processione Giovedì Santo Marsala


History and traditions make Marsala one of the most interesting cities to visit during your holiday in Sicily.

Processione Marsala

Procession of Holy Thursday

The procession of Holy Thursday of Marsala dates back to the first half of the seventeenth century, and has its genesis in the sacred representations which, since the Middle Ages, were presented through comedies, poetic compositions or figurative and symbolic processions, silent and spoken. The organization of the procession is entrusted to the Sant'Anna brotherhood.


A natural stage for a day in which religiosity, art, tradition coexist, during which the representation of the passion and death of Jesus is proposed through forms of theatricalization in the city streets.


Holy Thursday procession with living characters. It takes place every year in Marsala, 3 days before Easter, that is Holy Thursday.

Forme geometriche

The landing of Garibaldi

The landing in Marsala was one of the initial moments of Giuseppe Garibaldi's expedition of the Thousand, which took place on 11 May 1860. The story also had as protagonists the ships of the Armata di Mare of the Two Sicilies and two warships of the British Royal Navy .


From Marsala Garibaldi was therefore able to enter the Sicilian territory, where he would declare himself protector of the island, raise the local population and begin the ascent to Naples, driving out the Bourbons forever from Italy and unifying the Kingdom.


Relics and documents are kept in the Civic Museum (San Pietro Monumental Complex)


Marsala, city of the Thousand, annually celebrates Garibaldi's historic landing with re-enactments, conferences, forums on themes of the Risorgimento, guided tours and tastings.


Every year, the second week of May.

Sbarco di Garibaldi
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