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Arte e Musica Marsala

The artistic and musical side of Marsala

Music and art for Marsala are tradition, creativity and identity.


In Marsala, in continuity with a glorious past, music and art are of extraordinary importance due to the presence of leading institutions such as the E. Sollima Municipal Theater, the Impero Theater and the Ente Mostra di Pittura Contemporanea.


The many artists present in the city regularly perform in the rooms of the historic center, also known as the "living room of Marsala" .


The Antico Mercato is a place open to the public where you can listen to rock and pop music. While in the bars and wineries, located in different parts of the historic center, you can listen to other genres such as blues, jazz and house music.


Ignazio Boschetto , winner of Sanremo with Il Volo , is Ambassador of the city of Marsala in the world.

Empire Theater

Teatro Impero

The Teatro Impero was built in 1920 as the " Arena Roma ", a summer cinema arena with a masonry screen, capable of hosting up to 600 spectators.


Acquired by the Sicilian Region in 1986, it was sold in 1994 to the Municipality of Marsala which, after having taken care of the structural rehabilitation, the reconstruction of the plaster and the fixtures, assigned it to a multipurpose room and a center of cultural activities in 1996.


Today the Teatro Impero is the stage for numerous cultural activities and theatrical and musical performances and reviews .

Sollima Municipal Theater

Teatro Comunale Sollima

Built in 1817 at the behest of Giovanni Nuccio, it worked until 1826, the year of the death of the owner who arranged for its closure by will.


In 1840 it was bought by the Municipality, which used it as a musical center; renovated in 1880 on a project by Antonio Tumbarello, it took on a neoclassical appearance suited to the taste of the time and to the typology of the theaters of the time.

The internal decoration was entrusted to the Florentine painter Tito Covoni. In the post-war period it was the seat of political debates for the election of the first republican parliament. It ceased its activity in 1952 and after the 1968 earthquake it was declared unfit for use.


Restored, since 1994 it has returned to perform its function, concerts and plays are held here.

Exhibition of Contemporary Painting

Ente Mostra

The "Città di Marsala" Contemporary Painting Exhibition has been playing an important role in cultural promotion for more than 30 years in the field of figurative activities.


In recent years, the organization has promoted reviews and exhibitions on Italian and international art. The institution holds the Municipal Art Gallery which, inaugurated in 1988, now has over 750 works by artists of national and international prestige including Cagli, Cantatore, Cassinari, Conti, Gentilini, Maccari, Marchegiani, Pomodoro, Sassu, Sironi, Tosi, Stocky.

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